Nevada, Check

If you aren’t following the 50xChallenge on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, up are probably missing out on my almost daily posts. On Thursday, November 21st I completed 2 flights. The first was at Spanish Springs Airport-N86, Spanish Springs, NV and the second at Winnemucca Municipal Airport, West Jays Road, Winnemucca, NV. Originally

50xChallenge inaugural flight – 11/8/2019 08:50 local time Hilo, Hawaii.

The 50xChallenge inaugural flight took place today at 08:50 local time in Hilo, Hawaii. More photos and video to come. I flew Walker Jet and a Flat Top for the first time too. I did 4 flights, one of which ended with an engine out on the Walker Jet. I’ll include some pictures later of