That’s right UNSUPPORTED. Yes, in terms of actually getting from airport to airport, but that said, it doesn’t mean that people can’t help.

In reality, I’m going to need some help with some basic needs like Food, Water, Sleep, and Batteries since I won’t have a lot of time or the ability to go get these things. So if you show up and want to help and say hi, it will be welcomed.


The plan is to leave Sonoma on July 18th, and hopefully arrive at Oshkosh on July 25th. My Goal is 300 miles per day, but this could be a lot less if the weather conditions don’t co-operate. To achieve 300 miles per day it will require 3 * 100-mile flights that each last approximately 3 hours totally 9 hours of flight per day under perfect conditions. Some flights will be longer and others shorter, but hopefully will average out. Sadly the moon cycle isn’t perfect either. I should be leaving several days earlier.

The anticipated daily stops are as follows;

  1. Gnoss Field – Winnamacca
  2. Winnnamacca – Salt Lake City
  3. Salt Lake City – Lamie (Most difficult day – high altitude launches 7000 MSL)
  4. Lamie – Lee Bird Regional Airport
  5. North Platte – Sioux City
  6. Sioux City – La Crosse Regional Airport
  7. La Crosse – Oshkosh

Equipment & Fuel

25-34 lbs — Because it’s unsupported, airport to airport, I’m carrying as much 2-stroke oil and an additive to remove lead from the aviation fuel as I can which will weigh about 9lbs and enable me to cross about half the distance before I will need to be able to buy more for the second half of the trip. For each Flight, I will be launching with 24lbs of fuel + remaining oil.

200 lbs — The Batteries, Communication, and other Equipment will weigh up to 10lbs on top of my weight of 190lbs.

57 lbs — Paramotor Dry

Total Weight 290lbs / 132kg

Wing 18m Davinci Disco

Launch Altitudes

  • Lowest – 4ft
  • Average – 3000-4500 ft
  • Highest – 7200ft

Food | Water | Sleep | Batteries

At the end of each day, I will need to find food, refreshment and a place to sleep, and hopefully even a shower. So if you want to meet me and show up at one of my stops this is the way that you can help me.

Recharging batteries to keep my GPS, Phone, Radio, ADS-B, Strobes, and more going will also be critical while on the ground when I can’t fly or at night while I sleep.


It’s summer here in the USA and the weather will be getting very hot. This will generate thermal activity quite quickly in the morning and likely will have high afternoon winds limiting the evening flights to just 1-2 hours. It’s fire season too, and along the route last year, there was smoke from Seattle to Nebraska that made it hard to breathe and visibility was reduced.

There is nothing ideal about this time of year or the route with high altitudes and high temperatures on the ground. The thermals can easily reach 8000 feet in the clear sky making for scary clear blue sky thermals that can rip a glider apart.

About 7-10 days out I should have a predictable weather model from “Weather Man” Dave Wert that will help paint the picture of what to expect.

One of the biggest and most difficult Paramotor XC (Cross Country) trips to be attempted in the USA, that will run 2200 miles from Sonoma to Oshkosh in July 2022 in 7-10 days.

It’s by far one of the most difficult trips I have ever attempted and it comes with some significant risks. For starters, it’s a northern route crossing, not one, but two major mountain ranges that stand 10, 000 feet high. The trip will also take place in July during the summer when conditions are considerably less favorable.

Harley Milne

Come back and continue the read soon as I spend some time updating the information and sharing about test flights, training, and preparation for this exceptionally rigorous trip.

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