We are exceptionally proud to share our Sponsors for the Coast to Coast World Record attempt. Blackhawk Paramotors and Cors-Air are providing the Power Plant (Frame & Motor). Paradrenalin & Dudek are providing the Wing.

Black Hawk Paramotors USA
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Cors-Air Paramotors
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They are among the first four companies all around the world to manufacture engines exclusively designed for sport flights.
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Paradrenalin is the only authorized Dudek importer in North America, and has been for about 10 years now . They have supplied us with the wing for our coast to coast challenge!

Ryan and Amanda Shaw of Paradrenalin not only back the brands that they import, but they offer a wealth of knowledge and spend the time to actually speak with customers about the pilot’s background and expectations, the design of the products , and even educating them on the best launching techniques for each. They aren’t about making a sale there, but rather about providing an experience to pilots that they don’t get elsewhere.
Hydron 3
Thanks to Paradrenalin, the Dudek brand isn’t facing the delayed delivery times for wings being shipped overseas while many other brands are expressing 8+ week turnaround times due to the Covid pandemic. Paradrenalin does this by being the only company that has a large stock available of Dudek products ready ship from their warehouse in Arizona immediately.
Helix propellers are innovatively designed based on our 27 years experience and extensive flight tests, and are made with strengthened carbon composite materials which offer ideal properties for propeller construction. Special features of Helix propeller are: high strength, low weight, extremely robust with excellent efficiency in a wide speed range combined with low noise. Helix is recognized as an indisputable worldwide market leader in this industry.
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Wisconsin Flight Sports & Micro Avionics
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