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If you enjoyed the stories about Adventure Wingman 2022 that covered 1000 miles in 10 days, then your gonna love this story covering nearly 2000 miles in just 6 days. This story’s journey started almost two years early having completed the 50 State Paramotor Tour and the Coast to Coast of the USA in just 8 days in 2020. If you haven’t read the two previous posts, consider starting there as it sets the stage with Paramotor Adventure Trip Choices that were considered before The months leading up to Sonoma to Oshkosh.

| Paramotor Adventure Trip Choices | The months leading up to Sonoma to Oshkosh |
| Part 1-Getting-Ready | Part-2-Go-Time | Part-3-Bad-Decisions | Part-4-What-to-do | Part-5-Final-Push |
| After-Show |

Final Thoughts

I like being a good ambassador for our sport. While we are the Maverick dirt bikes of the sky and appreciate we can take off and land off-field almost anywhere, I love demonstrating how we fit in with the rest of general aviation flying to and from airports. I feel proud of the Sonoma to Oshkosh achievement. Despite many mistakes, I learned a great deal.

It is important to note that taking the risks as I did, is not how I usually fly and I don’t encourage anyone to take them. Always make serious consideration about the impact it could have on you or the people around you if something goes wrong. I’m usually conservative and cautious about risks. I made calculated and balanced to this race, even if it was with myself. The race against myself, time, weather, and machine had ultimately been a success and felt demonstrated Paramotor Power to achieve great things in our form of aviation.

Happy Safe Flying, and I’ll catch you on the next one.

Sonoma to Oshkosh Stats

  • 1900 miles
  • 17 flights – 300-420 miles in a day
  • 57 hours of flight time
  • 3-night flights
  • 3L of oil at 65:1 and averaged
  • 3-4 gallons per flight
  • 100-120 miles per flight.
  • 100 LB Gear Load
  • 65 gallons of fuel so about 32 miles mph
  • $400 fuel & oil
  • Fuel AV-GAS
  • Oil: Motul 800
  • 2 broken 3-blade Helix Props
  • 2 hotel rooms and several nights in FBO lounges
  • 1 Reposition from Battle Mountain Airport Wyoming to Buffalo Wyoming to get a new prop

Social Media (Facebook & Youtube)

  • ADSB Out and Safety
  • Arrival Welcome to EAA AirVenture 2022 the largest airshow in the world
  • 10K mountain crossings x2 (Tahoe & UTAH)
  • Night Flights with FAA Waiver
  • Northern Summer Route – extreme heat, Density Altitude 7000-10000)
  • Broken Props
  • 18m DaVinci Disco – speed and altitude performance
  • Rain and Storms
  • Corsair Engine still going strong after 200 hours and 4000 miles full throttle on huge XC x2
  • 23 Videos that include information about planning, training, and live progress through the trip and the big setback in Wyoming

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Air Venture Radio Interview

Tune in To EAA Radio on Thursday at 13:15 for a short interview about the Sonoma to Oshkosh Paramotor Cross County.…/2022/2022-07-28/Harley-Milne.ashx #aviation #paramotorgirls #paramotore #paramotorpilot #paramotors #paramotoradventures #paramoteur #paramotoring #paramotorlife #50xchallenge #cloudbaseppg #davincigliders #eaa #eaaairventure #EAA


Harley appeared in multiple publications online and in printed materials.

EAA Newspaper article – Page 16 –…

EAA Hanger Flying:

Paramotor Power
Paramotor Power
Kitplanes Article about Uavionic ADS-B

Paragliding Talk

Harley just landed from another long-distance adventure flight. We are going to talk about all the hype and see what we can learn to be better and safer pilots. We will be sharing some unseen footage in this episode. You won’t want to miss it. Enjoy.

Photo Gallery while at Airventure 2022

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  • uAvionix ADS-B
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