Local Paramotor Pilot Flys Sonoma to Oshkosh for EAA AirVenture 2022

The trip finished in great style and there has been a great deal of publicity. 

EAA Newspaper Article – Page 16-17

EAA Radio Interview

EAA Hanger Flying

KitPlanes Article

Lots published on FB, IN, YT – lookup 50xChallenge

  • Unsupported – 7 days 1900 miles, 17 flights, 300-420 miles in a day, 
  • ADSB Out and Safety 
  • Arrival Welcome to EAA AirVenture 2022 the largest airshow in the world
  • 10K mountain crossings x2 (Tahoe & UTAH)
  • Night Flights with FAA Waiver
  • Northern Summer Route – extreme heat, Density Altitude 7000-10000)
  • Broken Props
  • 100 LB Gear Load
  • 18m DaVinci Disco – speed and altitude performance 
  • Rain and Storms
  • Corsair Engine still going strong after 200 hours and 4000 miles full throttle on huge XC x2
  • 23 Videos that include information about planning, training, and live progress through the trip and the big setback in Wyoming 


EAA Newspaper Article
Kitt Planes Article
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