Sonoma to Oshkosh UNSUPPORTED

That’s right UNSUPPORTED. This will be one of the biggest and most difficult Paramotor XC (Cross Country) trips that will run 2200 miles from Sonoma to Oshkosh in July 2022 in 7-10 days.

It’s by far one of the most difficult trips I have ever attempted and it comes with some significant risks. For starters, it’s a northern route crossing, not one, but two major mountain ranges that stand 10, 000 feet high. The trip will also take place in July during the summer when conditions are considerably less favorable.

So why do it? It’s a Challenge!

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Harley Milne – Paramotor Pilot

Come back and continue the read soon as I spend some time updating the information and sharing about test flights, training, and preparation for this exceptionally rigorous trip.