Harley Milne became the first Paramotor Pilot to fly in all 50 states in 2020 (Guinness Record Pending) during his 50xChallenge Paramotor Tour. He also completed the fastest Paramotor crossing of the USA on December 7 2020.

Preparing for the Coast to Coast on the Black Rock City Playa in Nevada

On November 29th a little after 6 am Harley Launched from a Beach in San Diego and arrived on Crescent Beach just south of Jacksonville Florida 8 days and 2 hours later on December 7th. The New USA Coast to Coast Records are as follows:

  1. Fastest Total Flight Time Coast to Coast
  2. Fastest Time to Complete Flying Coast to Coast.

This supported coast-to-coast trip was expected to take between 14-21 days and was be heavily determined by weather conditions and covered a distance of approximately 2200 miles.


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Sponsorship Opportunity

Records require resources and ground support. Harley Milne would like to secure sponsorship from one or more interested parties in order to cover the direct costs. Learn more about our current sponsors.

Media and Advertising Opportunity

To date, a Paramotor Trip from the USA Pacific coast to the Florida East Atlantic Coast has not been completed by a Paramotor Pilot[1]. This record-setting attempt will therefore attempt to complete a Trip from the San Diego Coastline to approximately Jacksonville Florida. This event is therefore a substantial opportunity for the sport and for the Industry to promote brands and equipment.

Leveraging Resources and connection to the media from the 50xChallenge, the goal is to extensively raise awareness of the trip and the progress to completion.

1 Previously Jean Francois Chabaud along with several other trips completed most of the southern coastline in 21 days but did not complete the entire journey by flying a Paramotor.


The route has been extensively planned which considers refueling, bailout, and alternative landing and launch zones. Airspace consideration is also a major consideration given the proximity of the route to Military Operation Areas and Restricted Airspace.

Coast to Coast by Paramotor Record Attempt

Ground Crew

The entire trip will be supported by a ground crew. A Tuck & Bumper Pull Camper (or alternative) will follow and provide ground support with information, fuel, and assist with pre-flight and post-flight planning & logistics.


Planning includes leveraging a meteorologist to evaluate historical patterns and current weather conditions. The attempt date is driven by this information.

Safety & Risk

The trip carries significant risk from a number of factors that could result in failure or injury prohibiting the completion of this attempt. Aeronautical decision-making (ADM) will form a systematic approach to the mental process used by the pilot to consistently determine the best course of action in response to a given set of circumstances.

The route, weather, mechanical and logical consideration are significant considerations to planning and risk mitigation to provide the best opportunity of success.

Outline of Approximate Requirements

  • Paramotor + Redundancy Spares
  • Glider(s)
  • Reserve Parachute
  • Flight Suit
  • Flight Deck
  • Transponder ADS-B
  • Helmet with Connectivity to Aviation & Ground Crew Radios
  • Flight Fuel
  • Ground Fuel
  • Ground Stipend (Transportation, Accomodation, Food)
  • Other minor equipment

Key Representatives & Assistance Areas

  • Sponsorship
  • Public Relations
  • Equipment
  • Planning
  • Logistics
  • CREW
    • Ground Crew
    • Meteorology
    • Medical Officer
    • Public Relations Director
    • Official Photographer/Videographer
    • Advisors


This world record attempt is a considerable undertaking and has the need for a variety of resources and personnel to be successful. In a perfect world, a blend of Sponsorship, Equipment, Media, Resources, and Volunteers will provide the best opportunity for success.

If you or your company are able to provide Sponsorship, Equipment, Funding, Media Engagement, Logistics, or other Resources, please contact Harley.

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