Angel Flight Donation to Charity

As many of you will recall, I met David Nail in Madison Mississippi. It was during my dinner with him that he surprised me with his incredible plan to donate an Angel Flight. Angel Flight Soars arranges free air transportation for people who need to travel to receive lifesaving medical treatment, but lack the means.

Located at the Dekalb Peachtree Airport, ANGEL FLIGHT SOARSTM was formed by Jim Shafer in 1983 as a loosely organized group of volunteer pilots that helped outpatients whenever possible. Due to increased media coverage in 1990, and an alliance with several other similar organizations (Air Care Alliance).

Since sharing his plan with me less than a week ago, he has already filed his application and documentation for this substantial donation.

David Nail (left) and his brother Jack with Paramotor Pilot Harley Milne

David is a fellow pilot with quite a story of his own in his aviation career. He is a property developer with INTERVEST CORP PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Serving Mississippi and Surrounding States.

David Nail with Intervest made an Angel Flight Donation.

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