Finding the right RV Camper

I know it’s been a while since I posted any updates about my trip. Largely because I have been helping some friends with their Paramotor School – Vortex Powered Paragliding – and finishing my last couple of MBA classes to graduate.

As planning moves along, finding the right camper is taking some clear research to offer me the best options. While I have no specific brand in mind, I do like the style of Keystone, Bullet, Jayco, Duchman, Heartland, Colman, Coachman Apex, and many others.

Keystone Premier Camper
Keystone Premier Camper

While I expect to be traveling alone, having the option for another person to be with me seems smart. The biggest considerations are weight and length. Weight because of fuel and length so that I can get in and out of places where bigger trailers can be a challenge.

What Size & Weight

I came to the conclusion that somewhere between 19-25 feet will suit me best with 21-24 feet being optimal. For weight, I’m hoping to stay in the 4000-5500 Dry Weight range.


I have several ‘Must Have’ and ‘Would like’ features

Must have

  • Double Axel
  • Queen Bed with walk around
  • Fridge Dual Fuel (Gas / Battery)
  • Slide 1
  • Solar Hookup

Would Like

  • Bath
  • External Kitchen
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Electric Jacks

Floor Plans

While many are very similar, there are subtle differences. Here are 3 Floor Plans that matched up best.

  • Camper Floor Plans
  • 221rbs Camper Floor Plan
  • 215RBK Floor Plan


So there you have it. Seems a lot of research has to go into figuring out the right floor-plan, model, weight and length. I’m definitely enchanted by some campers more than others. Ultimately I hope to find something great that I can afford that comes close to most of my criteria.

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