Kansas & Missouri

In true mid-west tradition weather played a role in all the decisions and locations to fly. My first flight with two other people in Garden Plain, KS we battled the rolling fog which came in as fast as it rolled out.

I was fortunate to also get to fly in Iola, KS where my buddy Dave lives who served in IRAQ. Thank you. Dave for having me over with your family for Christmas. It was really great to see you after so long.

From Iola, I traveled to Clinton Missouri and flew at Glidersports. Again the weather quickly rolled in but it gave me an opportunity to get more reverse launch experience with my Snake. (I had just turned in the picture)

About the Launch at the Glidersports facility in Clinton Missouri

Wanting to get a second flight in Missouri, I stopped in at Branson and unfortunately ended my first attempt in disaster. I had most of the parts to replace the Frame and Prop but had to improvise a tank which worked like a charm a couple days later when the weather cleared.

Paramotors can run on Diesel Exhaust Fluid – improvised fuel tank.

Tomorrow is the New Year, and will be kicking it off with a flight in Arkansas.

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