Maryland & Delaware

After Palm Bay I had to spend a day in Kissimmee to have new tires put on my camper. It was crazy that it took an entire day for them to do, but it had to be done. Fortunately, it also gave me some time work recording some video for an upcoming Lookback over the first 27 states.

I also received the news that my Care Package from Vittorazi arrived which was a huge surprise given it had only been shipped on the Friday before while at Palm. A quick trip back to Lake Wales to pick it up (thanks Aly) and then started making my way north.

Care Package from Vittorazi

I left Lake Wales feeling pretty feeling unsettled but felt I needed to push forward even with the dark cloud of Covid 19 (Corona Virus) threatening to interrupt my process given the ‘shelter in place’ orders and business shutdowns.

Given everything on my mind and the emotional roller coaster that I had led myself on back in Florida, I pushed on late into the night until well north of Jacksonville just into Georgia before stopping for the night.

Though the weather was nice as I left I elected not to fly and traveled on with brief stops in the Savvanah and Charleston and then headed up into Virginia where I arrived in Suffolk shortly before Sunset and had a quick 30-minute flight.

I spent the night camped out at Suffolk Executive airport and watched the Aviator shot conducted from Eric Farewell’s home.

Suffolk Executive airport

First thing in the morning I filled up with diesel where I managed to get it for $1.91 a gallon with prices plummeting I hadn’t seen a price that low for 20 years.

Diesel at $1.91

I then got my Truck serviced which now has 30,000 miles on it and nearly 14,000 miles since I started this trip. I also got to produce the unboxing of the Vittorazi Care Package.

I then traveled up to Benett Airfield and Later Whites Airstrip in Maryland where I conducted two separate flights which were short since the wind conditions weren’t great and rain was forecast.

I then traveled about an hour and a half north to Delaware Airpark where I spent the night through the rain. The next morning it was very overcast and moist, but the forecast showed calm winds with partly cloudly for 3pm.

Once again I used the downtime to work on videos and social media. I also got to meet a few aviation people who later came out to witness my flight. I was delighted when a total of 8 people were all standing on the tarmac and watch me launch and fly for about 15 mins which included a touch and go and a perfectly soft landing for my aching ankle before we posed for pictures and signed my log sheet.

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