Sponsorship Opportunity

This Coast to Coast speed world record will require resources and ground support.  Harley Milne would like to secure sponsorship from one or more interested parties in order to cover the direct costs. 

Media and Advertising Opportunity

To date, a Paramotor Trip from the USA Pacific coast to the Florida East Atlantic Coast has not been completed by a Paramotor Pilot[1].  This record setting attempt will therefore attempt to complete a Trip from the San Diego Coastline to approximately Jacksonville Florida.   This event is therefore a substantial opportunity for the sport and for the Industry to promote brands and equipment.

Leveraging Resources and connection to the media from the 50xChallenge, the goal is to extensively raise awareness of the trip and the progress to completion.
1 Previously Jean Francois Chabaud along with several other trips completed most of the southern coast line in 21 days but did not complete the entire journey by flying a Paramotor.


Take a moment to see the list of current sponsors.


Save us the fees and donate cash directly to @talksure

Go Fund Me

We have also started a Go Fund Me campaign for those that wish to help with cash contributions. All contributions will also be recognized on this website and whenever possible in other media. ยป GO FUND ME

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Charity Donation
  • Travel and Fuel Costs
  • Food & Drink
  • Equipment & Services

Sponsorship ideas

  • 50 Food or Drink locations
  • 50 Energy Drinks
  • 50 Energy Bars
  • 50 Gallons of Fuel
  • 150 Days of Towing with Ford F150
  • 150 Nights in a Camper

Sponsors we hope will try to help

  • Media
    • iHeartRadio (Marcus & Sandy)
  • Travel and Fuel Costs
  • Food & Drink
    • Starbucks / Peets / Jaa
    • Red Bull
    • 5 Hour Energy
    • Premier Nutrition
    • GU Energy
  • Equipment & Services