Coast to Coast Documentary | OFFICIAL TRAILER

As you watch this I hope you will feel the same excitement I do about the full-length documentary.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the last couple of weeks reliving the trip and watching the Our Paramotor Nation Interview and many other videos. I encourage you to do the same and appreciate the incredible part each of you played in the success of the trip.

As Greg and I work towards securing platforms like Netflix, BBC, Discovery & History Channels, we need your help to promote the trailer. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Views, Likes, and Subscriptions to show that people want to see the Documentary. It is therefore critical to the funding process to cover the enormous cost of the production.  As you share this with friends, family, and social media please remind everyone to Like and Subscribe on both our YouTube Channels.  

Greg — I am especially grateful to you for all the awesome work you have put in on this and the incredible amount of time you have put in to get it done.  Thank You and I look forward to seeing it bring you even greater success and recognition in the sport and industry.


Watch the Coast to Coast OFFICIAL TRAILER

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