Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona

It’s been a busy few days since leaving Moab. After heading south, then east I entered Colorado and was able to fly at a local airport in the town of Cortez. The local airport manager and his team will kind enough to capture my flight to complete Colorado.

Cortex Airport staff capturing the flights for me.

From there I continued an and found Chimney Rock, Colorado. I just couldn’t resist and launched from a truck stop on the edge of the highway.

Chimney Rock, Colorado. View from the 50xChallenge Paramotor tour.

It was recommended that I could go on to Farmington in New Mexico. The airport manager agreed to let me fly at his airport over the phone. I arrived at 3:30, but both realized that given the wind and amount of traffic I would be better off at another location. He made arrangements with the Aztec airport manager to get me in the air.

After rushing over and getting ready to launch at sunset, I made several mistakes which resulted in damaging the Snake 1.2.

Short Flight, but then success. New Mexico was officially done although I will likely also fly in Albuquerque as well.

The next after I made my way through to Arizona and spent the night at Tuba City Airport. In the morning made my way out to the Grand Canyon and got to enjoy many of the amazing views.

Just one of My amazing views of the Grand Canyon – Check out my Travel Timeline Album

Given the damage to the glider lines in New Mexico, I was until today for the mail to come with the new ones I ordered from Drew at ParaToyz.

Considering how amazing the Grand Canyon is, I thought it would be cool to see if I could take off from the airport and catch a view of the Canyon from the highly restricted airspace. To my absolute joy, Mike the Airport Manager and the Air Traffic Controller said yes.

Despite an exhaust that cracked during the warm-up, I was able to conduct a 15-minute flight that enabled me to capture a few views

The Grand Canyon South Rim from my Paramotor Flight.
A view of the Grand Canyon Park Airport from my Paramotor Flight.

What an amazing day to visit and fly the Grand Canyon with my Paramotor.

I ordered a new exhaust which will arrive in Albuquerque where I will be in a couple of days. The morning started off amazing. A local jack of all trades called me back to weld my exhaust. Right after the USPS called me to tell me that my package had arrived which I promptly collected.

Thanks to Rob and two solid hours of his time I was on my way to Flagstaff with a welded exhaust. Once again I couldn’t resist to stop and fly just 7 miles short.

7 miles from Flagstaff Arizona with my view from the Paramotor.

Spending the night here at the airport in Flagstaff and looking forward to Flying with Brady and hopefully some of his cohorts down in Sedona.

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