Journey through South Dakota to the Bad Lands

As you know this is a Roadtrip and what would a road trip be without visiting major landmarks along the way.

I departed Nebraska around 08:30 and made my way north to Sioux Falls to get on Interstate 90. As in other states, the beauty of the land is just amazing and only continued to get better the further west I drove.

I’m always amazed by the things I get to see right off the highway and this trip was filled with some good ones.

I had two major bucket-list items for South Dakota; Badlands and Mount Rushmore. The Badlands were amazing. Below are just a few pictures, but be sure to see my Travel Timeline Facebook Page Album.

Stopping and taking pictures in the Badlands added an hour to my already long 500+ mile journey that took the whole day even with the time zone which gave me an hour. I finally made it to my host Dan in Hermosa just south of Rapid City shortly after 7 pm where he got my camper settled with water and electrical hookup. Not long after as is always the PPG way, we talked about our experiences and people we have met through the sport.

The next morning brought flight planning and scouting for locations as well as playing tourist. See my next post for the story and pictures.

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