Mark Hummel Donation

Mark reached out with me through my website and was kind enough to connect me with High 5 PPG and mention Tri-County regional airport.

He heard me on the Aviator podcast and mentioned he was very excited to hear what I was are doing.

When you make it to Wisconsin/Taliesen you are in for a good trip. The family at High 5 are great people to reach out to if you have not yet, about 60km southwest of their LZ is also a public airport, but the scenery at High 5 is better. The landscape was untouched by the glaciers of the ice age and features awesome valleys and bluffs… Looking forward to following your trip. Thanks for creating this journey and inviting us to follow online!

Mark Hummel

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to meet or fly with Mark. To my absolute surprise, while flying at High 5 PPG with the Martin Family, I received an email from him about the donation he had made in recognition of the 50xChallenge Paramotor tour.

In celebration of Harley Milne and his epic trip for charity a donation of $100 has been made to United Way of Walworth County by Mark Hummel

United Way of Walworth County

The mission of United Way of Walworth County is to unite communities, increase and focus resources and inspire people to measurably improve citizens’ lives in Walworth County, Wisconsin.

Walworth Country Fair Elkhorn

Mark, Thank you so much for making this donation. It means so much especially in these challenging times of COVID-19. THANK YOU

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