Wounded Warriors United

Some of you will remember my buddy Dave Sterling who appeared in my Video in Iola Kansas around Christmas 2019. Dave was severely wounded in 2004 in IRAQ, losing an arm and sustaining other injuries.

Dave Sterling

I first met Dave through his sister about 8 years ago and I was amazed how absolutely nothing seemed to stop him from getting things done. Whether building a deck, making improvements to his home, hunting, or teaching his kids he gets it done.

It had been a few years since I saw Dave but I got to spend some time with him and his wife Janelle for Christmas as I made through Kansas last year.

I didn’t know this, but Dave and Janelle made a $100 donation to Wounded Warriors United inspired by the 50xChallenge Paramotor Tour. This was a huge surprise and I am humbled by Dave’s donation given how much he has already given in service of our country.

David & Janelle Sterling

For those of you who don’t know I also support and encourage donations to Resurgence PPG which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps Veterans learn to fly paramotors.

Resurgence PPG is a disabled veteran-owned and operated, 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity that strives to provide therapy and rehabilitation to disabled, injured, and ill service members and veterans through the liberation of personal flight experienced via powered paragliding.

These adventures are provided at no cost to the service member/veteran and are only made possible through the donations and support of corporations and individuals like you. Make a donation to bring flight to those that have given so much.

I’ve been eager to find Dave a Paramotor Wing(Glider) and Kiting harness so I can get him started and hope find a way to get him into the sport. If you would like to help contribute in any way to get Dave into the air starting with a Tandem flight, please let me know.

Thank You Dave and Janelle, for your generous $100 donation to Wounded Warriors United.

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